FAQ | Japanese Auto Masters

  1. Do you require appointments?

    Appointments are not required, however they are encouraged.

  2. What if I need to drop my car before or after your shop hours?

    Our Early Bird/After Hours drop box makes leaving your car for service safe and convenient.

  3. Do you offer towing?

    24-hour towing is available through a well respected company we contract with.

  4. Are your technicians certified?

    All technicians at our shop are ASE certified and are required to test constantly up to Master Technician status is accomplished. Afterwards, the recertify every 4 years to remain current.

  5. How often should I have my oil changed?

    Regardless of what manufacturers recommend, typically the best interval for engine life is having your oil changed every 3,000 to 3,500 miles (unless synthetic is recommended, in which cas 5,000 miles).

  6. My Check Engine Light is on. Why? And how do I get it to turn off?

    The check engine light will illuminate when one or more of the preset parameters in the computer have been compromised. The vehicle should be brought to a qualified service center for diagnosis and an estimate. The variables are too great to determine accurate cost of repair without diagnosis.

  7. How often should I have my tires rotated?

    7,500 miles is the typical standard for tire rotation, however much depends on type of tire, vehicle model, driving habits and other factors.

  8. Do you use after-market parts?

    After-market parts (not original equipment) are used when quality is equal to or better than and cost savings are beneficial to the customer.

  9. Can I wait for my vehicle to be completed?

    Waiting for your vehicle to be serviced is generally reserved for State Inspections and Oil Changes, however seating is limited and appointments will be honored ahead of walk-ins.

  10. If I can’t pick my car up during business hours, how can I pay for it so that I can pick it up later?

    After-hour vehicle pick-up is no problem once payment is arranged. Call for details.